4.1. Hammer Actions

Hammer has a set of actions including synthesis, place-and-route, DRC, LVS, simulation, SRAM generation, and PCB collateral generation. All of the Hammer actions and their associated key inputs can be found in hammer/config/defaults.yml and are documented in detail in each action’s documentation.

Hammer will automatically pass the output files of one action to subsequent actions if those actions require the files. Hammer does this with conversion steps (e.g. syn-to-par for synthesis outputs to place-and-route inputs), which map the outputs from one tool into the inputs of another (e.g. synthesis.outputs.output_files maps to par.outputs.input_files). The Hammer make infrastructure builds these conversion rules automatically, so using the Make infrastructure is recommended. See the Hammer Buildfile section for more details.

Hammer actions are implemented using tools. See the Hammer CAD Tools section for details about how these tools are set up.